Industry Sector                                    Retail

Classification                               HVAC support

Value                                                xxxxxxxxxx

Project duration                              Ongoing

Physical Size                                Nationwide

Project Brief

We have been in a long-term contractual partnership for several years; providing HVAC
support to Dunelm along with a range of other ad-hoc service and maintenance requirements.

Scope of supply Gy

Our services extend to planned, reactive,remedial and compliance
works. The contract winwas based on our proven track record of exceptional
customer service, in-house engineers who pride themselves on high standards
and understanding in detail
Dunelm delivery expectations,
along with our existing
professional relationship.

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Dunelm experience 13
fewer maintenance

call-outs due to the quality
and efficiencies within

our Planned Preventative
Maintenance (PPM)
programme. When a
maintenance call-out has
been required, we have
achieved 97% attendance for
four-hour call-outs and 95%
first time fix.

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Client comments

capacity is unique
and we remain one

of the Uk’s foremost
facilities management

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