Managing an efficient healthcare organisation is no doubt a difficult task. However, what if you could simplify your operations? We work with you to do just that.


We handle day-to-day technical maintenance issues that may arise as part of operating and maintaining your systems and assets. Instead of focusing on what matters most, your core business. We ensure your assets stay at an agreed, controlled level by managing your risks, costs, and performance. Your assets are crucial to your company’s success. Our asset management services ensure that your risks, costs, and performance remain at an agreed, controlled level. We provide you with customised technical support, whether it’s replacing a cracked sink, painting a ward, or refurbishing an office. Because fixed costs are so critical in a highly regulated industry, you may find it challenging to run buildings.

CDC Facilities Management has years of experience working with private healthcare sectors and NHS. With us managing your organisation’s property and technical operations, you can concentrate on the acquisition of our strategic goals; we are here to support you to make your projects successful. 

We achieve this by streamlining your operations; from simple fixes to composite technical assistance, energy efficiency, and project management. As a result, you receive enhanced operational energy with minimal downtime and costs.

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