Providing a laboratory environment where the physical containment of biological agents is required is essential for many companies involved in scientific research.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can design and build environmentally and biologically secure facilities that will contain any release of bacteria, viruses or toxins and provide a safe working environment for the users. Through our understanding of both the bio-security and physical anti-terrorism measures necessary for the design of these facilities, we offer all the skill’s, services and approved products necessary to deliver these critical environment solutions in this highly specialised sector.

We have extensive experience in critical controlled environments where identifying the risks associated with a client’s process and eradicating those risks is the key to a successful outcome.

Because we offer a comprehensive turnkey capability, our service includes the full design, complete project management, build, and commissioning and validation, thereby reducing costs as there’s no requirement to employ a separate main contractor or other specialist.  The service we provide is seamless and in most cases is quicker and more cost effective than dealing with separate companies.

We also provide an on-going planned preventative maintenance service for your facility once complete – as well as for facilities not designed and installed by CDCfm. This is essential to keep the facility running smoothly with no interruptions in service.


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