To capitalise on the value of your commercial outlets, you need a bespoke, professional service to meet your exact specifications and requirements. We provide a safe and efficient environment, with our experience and expertise of all shapes and sizes of commercial premises.

We can offer a 24/7, nationwide planned and reactive service. We endeavour to alleviate the stress and worry from the client, knowing that we will ensure all systems and equipment will be fully maintained to achieve optimum efficiency and maximum life expectancy. 

All of our work is independently validated and commissioned to the respective standards to ensure it is consistently carried out to very high standards on a regular basis. 

CDCfm covers all statutory requirements to monitor the performance of all clean air devices as well as a wide range of environmentally controlled systems, complete with a fully comprehensive repair service. Services also include validation, testing, building and water inspections/reports and controls calibration where applicable, along with many other items that need addressing on a routine and regular basis.

We provide an on-going planned preventative maintenance service for your facility, as well as for facilities not designed and installed by CDCfm. This is essential to keep the facility running smoothly with no interruptions in service.





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