In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

IVF clinics and embryo research centres require clean-controlled laboratories and suites that offer the highest standards of air quality, temperature control and cleanliness in order to operate successfully.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can design and build an extension or new facility to your specification and ensure that independent validation and the gaining of a HFEA license is stress free, allowing treatment cycles and research to begin without any unnecessary delays.

We have extensive experience in critical controlled environments where identifying the risks associated with a client’s process and eradicating those risks is the key to a successful outcome.

Because we project manage, design, build and validate, there is no requirement to employ a separate main contractor or other specialist.  The service we provide is seamless and in most cases is quicker and more cost effective then dealing with separate companies.

Keeping the complete process under one roof means that all the critical issues of the design that are included in the User Requirement Specification (URS), Functional Specification (FS), Room Data Sheets and Loaded Drawings are transferred to the construction team with no discrepancies between these and the architectural plans.

We also provide an on-going planned preventative maintenance service for your facility once complete – as well as for facilities not designed and installed by CDCfm. This is essential to keep the facility running smoothly with no interruptions in service.

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In Vitro
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