Fully designed, constructed and validated by CDC, this fertility facility is already one of the UK’s ‘centres of excellence’ for IVF.

Who we worked with

What we did

How we did it

Working in close conjunction with our engineering team, all the critical HVAC control for the prerequisite room pressurisation was carefully designed along with the more specialist cryogenics storage facility including oxygen depletion monitoring and fail-safe ventilation extract.

Spending only 18 weeks on site, the conversion of this former call centre challenged our projects team to deliver within the constraints of an existing building. With the facility built to meet the requirements of the HFEA this demanded a careful approach to construction with particular regard being paid to the room fabric and integrated components as well as the associated building services and all electrics including lighting, small power, datacoms and fire protection.

Through the provision of a comprehensive and proven validation strategy the facility complied with all regulatory expectations. Now maintained by CDC’s own in-house facilities management team we truly offered and delivered a ‘turnkey’ supply.