test repair

Secured through competitive tender, CDC was selected as preferred specialist contractor of choice by this global leader in lens and image technology; our remit being to completely design, build, test and validate this new ISO 6 cleanroom facility.

Who we worked with

Project Type : Test & Repair

Size : 280m2

Duration : 18weeks

Cost : £520,000

What we did

How we did it

This multi-bay, multi-serviced facility was carefully designed in conjunction with the client on a modular basis to accommodate eight separate test and repair bays. With critical process equipment required to operate within ‘close control’ environmental tolerances of ±1°c and humidity control of ±10% the design provided an engineering challenge. For optimum control the facility incorporated high level air supply combined with low level air return.

CDC undertook the complete specification of all the room architectural fabric including high specification insulated walls, seamless epoxy resin floors and metal pan ceilings. Along with the general building services to maintain the critical environmental control CDC also installed high purity gas systems including nitrogen, compressed air and vacuum systems as well as process water systems for critical cooling of test equipment.